Why is Create Your Power Look 1:1 right for you?

This 4-week program is designed set you up with the perfect outfit for your next special event

  • Discover What Flatters You

  • Have Allison create a look that convey the best of who you are

  • Style your look with Allison head-to-toe

  • Work online on your schedule

What You Receive

  • Virtual Classes

    This class runs on a clear schedule to deliver content and practical work to you in a way that is manageable and fun.

  • Personalized Style Passport

    Start your personal style journey with Allison's "What Flatters" Analysis, detailing all 5 elements of what flatters you best.

  • Shoppable Complete Outfit

    Receive a digital layout of the look you need for your event by Allison complete with shoppable links.

Course curriculum


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  • Two 1:1 Sessions with Allison

    During your first 45-minute session, you will review and tweak the looks Allison has put together for you digitally. Your next session is a 45-minute styling session to make sure everything works head-to-toe. Both sessions are on Zoom.

Create Your Power Look 1:1

Get ready to show up like the best version of yourself!