What is the Signature Style Journey program?

This flexible 10-week program is designed to create your personal style and immediately action it with personal shopping.

This is a 10-week program delivered virtually through a combination of pre-recorded video lessons and live interaction with Allison.  All course material is available to you through Thinkific, an amazing online education platform. This program gives you access to 1:1 support from Allison.

Why is the Signature Style Journey program right for you?

  • Develop a look that feels like you

  • Create a personal style that conveys the best of who you are in one glance

  • Get new looks to boost your wardrobe

  • 24/7 online access - flexible for your schedule

  • Receive personalized 1:1 support from Allison

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What my clients say



"The single-most important takeaway from this program is that my personal style is a reflection of what is authentic to me but also a reflection of who I want to be. I don’t need to totally change how I prefer to dress to be fashionable. I highly recommend this course to others as it's great to take control and be deliberate in how you present yourself."


“For me, your class was almost a philosophical/mindset experience. I’ve learned a new language that makes my life easier because it helps me get my message across nonverbally. Plus: I went shopping last week and it was easy”


“The investment I have made in my DailyOutfit wardrobe has been returned to me multiple times over! Since my outfits suit my figure and thought has been put into how the clothes work together, I know my confidence shines through. People always notice me and are often inspired to offer spontaneous compliments. In a busy city like New York, the fact that strangers feel compelled to tell me how great I look? It’s a great reminder that the DailyOutfit system really works!”


“I feel better about myself every time I get dressed for an important event or presentation. I have learned that my wardrobe can embody my values more than I ever thought it could. My morning routine is more simple and efficient, allowing me more energy to do the things I love to do!”


“My goal with the Style Journey was to define a new look for work and private life reflecting my current self. I learned that style is a mixture of the things that look good on me and the things I want to express. And that knowing my colors and style is key for easy shopping. You’ve guided me step by step through the program. I always felt welcome and respected with my opinions. The Style Journey has been a fascinating and insightful experience delivering visible results. I discovered new facets of myself and it still feels totally me. Thanks for everything, Allison!”

What You Receive

  • Virtual Classes

    This class runs on a clear weekly schedule to deliver content and practical work to you in a way that is manageable and fun.

  • Personalized Style Passport

    Create a personal style that conveys the best of who you are based on Allison's "What Flatters + What Matters + The Dream" Analysis.

  • 1-on-1 Video Chats

    Virtually meet with Allison every two weeks to discuss your progress.

Course curriculum

Bonus material

Book now and receive your bonuses:

  • Style Starts Now! Mini-Course

    This is Personal Style 101, leveling the playing field between those who intuitively understand style and those of you who just don’t. I'm going to teach you exactly how personal style works so you can finally have that confidence, poise and presence you need to focus on your growth, success, wealth, purpose and passion!

  • Personalized Shopping Links

    You will receive Personal Shopping recommendations created by Allison prior to your 1:1 session. These are specific to what flatters you, incorporate what matters to you and the dream you want to come true. They are thumbnails, ready to click and shop. During your session, you will have the chance to review and tweak your looks with Allison.

  • Personal Styling Session

    You will put together your new looks with Allison’s expert advice and guidance, ensuring they flatter you, highlight what matters to you and allow you to show up as the woman you want to become. During your session, Allison will screen-shot your completed looks to create a Style Map you can easily follow each day.

Signature Style Journey 1:1 Pricing

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    $833/moCLOSED - Signature Style Journey 1:1 - Fall 2019

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